Definition funny of Kimimaro:

urbanThat sexy ninja dude from Naruto who is so much better than that little bitch Sasuke. His last name is Kaguya. He was awesome because he could pull bones out of his body and look sexier than Sasuke without a shirt on. He also worships Orochimaru for bringing him up and loving? him. But sadly he dies because he had to kidnap that bitch Sasuke.

urbanAwesome Person 1: WTF? Kimimaro dies? Aw, he was so awesome. Awesome Person 2: I know right? It was all that bitch Sasuke's fault! Sasuke Fangirl: OMG! Sasuke is sooo much better than evryone else and he like totally owns!!111!!! And Sasuke is so sexy and hot and I love him and you guys suck for saying that! Awesome Person 1 and 2: W/e...


Books about Kimimaro:

booksI would get pleasure respectfully 10th anniversary of their major debut Official Fan Book understand all of Ayanokoji... by Ayanokoji Kimimaro (0010)

booksTenpyo no Mikeranjero: Kimimaro to geijutsu toshi Nara (Sosho Nihon saiko) (Japanese Edition) by Hidemichi Tanaka

booksYuko kigen no sugita teishu, shomi kigen no kireta nyobo : Ayanokoji Kimimaro dokuenkai [Japanese Edition] by Kimimaro Ayanokoji (2003)

booksKonna nyobo ni dare ga shita? : Kimimaro jinsei gekijo [Japanese Edition] by Kimimaro Ayanokoji (2005)


Movies about Kimimaro:

moviesKimimaro Ayanokouji - Bakusho! Excite Live Video Vol.5 Jinsei Naimono Nedari TEBE-38167 Unrated -

moviesKimimaro Ayanokouji - Ayanokoji Kimimaro Bakusho! Exite Live Video Dai Zenshu 00BE-1 Unrated -

moviesKimimaro Ayanokouji - Bakusho! Saishin Live Meienshu Kimimaro San, Sore Wa Iisugidesu! TEBE-35123 Unrated -

moviesKimimaro Ayanokouji - Bakusho! Excite Live Video TEBE-26121 Unrated -


Wiki information Kimimaro:

TV Character, Fictional Character

Kimimaro is a fictional character in the anime and manga franchise Naruto created by Masashi Kishimoto.

Kimimaro Ayanok├┤ji
Comedian, Person, Musical Artist

Kimimaro Ayanok├┤ji is a comedian.