Numerology information Kikyo:

numerologyName Number: 8 Meaning: Outer, Body, Physical, Ambition, Power, Progress, Career, Success, Respect, Fame, Means, Karma


Definition funny of Kikyo:

urbanA female character in the popular anime/manga series, InuYasha. Inuyasha's first love, Kikyo was a priestess who watched over the sacred Shikon no Tama (Jewel of Four Souls). After Kikyo and Inuyasha fell into a trap set by the cunning Onigumo, Kikyo sealed Inuyasha to a tree and died, the Shikon Jewel vanishing with her. Later reincarnated into a modern-day high school girl named Kagome who released Inuyasha from the tree, Kikyo was ressurected by the ogress, Urasue. Although Kikyo doesn't appear in every episode, she has a huge presence within the series. In her heart she carries enormous hatred, but also enormous love for Inuyasha. Kikyo is named after the balloonflower, which carries the meaning, "unchanging love." Alternate spelling: Kikyou.

urban"The reunion between Inuyasha and Kikyo is a crucial point in the early part of the story." - Director Misahi Ikeda

urbanA 18 yr old women who died, and Kagome, was the reincarnation of Kikyo. She was later reborned as a bitchy whore bite-my-ass bitch, who can't stop stalking inuyasha. Every episode that she comes in, makes viewers want to go and watch a a documentary rather than Inuyasha. Gosh, can't all kikyo fans see shes a gay claypot masterpiece of shit, maybe she should go into an art gallery of reely gay ppl.

urban1.Kikyo took away jewel shards from Kagome, giving Naraku the power to nearly KILL Inuyasha. 2. Kikyo tried to kill Kagome 1 time. 3. Kikyo is always making Kagome upset, and do you see Kagome doing ANYTHING to her????? 4. Kikyo has never owed Kagome for saving her life--TWICE, and yet giving Kagome invisible scars she could never heal. 5. Kikyo almost brought Inuyasha to hell so she could rape him all she wants. 6. Kikyo is such a stubborn bitch, she can't accept that it was Naraku who killed her. 7. Kikyo inside of that beauty, is an ugly,evil bitch, making fans like her just cause of her beauty.(even my own old man saids he likes her better than Kagome, just cause shes pretty.) 8.Well thats all i can remember about Kikyo--oh ya! she is a clay pot piece of shit. Now do you see why Kikyo is a bitch???Kagome may be prissy, but at least shes positive,nice, and doesn't try to kill her own crush.

urbanIn the Inuyasha series, a bitchy 18 year old who mearly kills the main character then becomes obsessed with him, and tries to kill the girl he likes. Did I say bitchy?

urban"Kikyo is a bitchy idiot"-me

urbanThe first lover of Inuyasha who was killed by Naraku in his search for the Shikon no Tama. She was later reincarnated as Kagome and then brought back to life as a bitch. (Alternate spelling: Kikyou)


Songs about Kikyo:

songsKikyo by Suara from the Album Karin

songsKikyo - Original Song By Senri Oe - by Takeshi Senoo from the Album Relax Cafe

songsKikyo / Wiederkomm by Quarks from the Album Kikyo

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songsKikyo / Wiederkomm by Quarks from the Album Kikyo

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songsKikyo bongo no san by Gjosan-rju Tendai Somjo from the Album Buddhist Shomyo & Gregorian Chants


Books about Kikyo:

booksKikyo no shikaku (Japanese Edition) by Kohnosuke Hongo (Jul 19, 2014)

booksKikyo: Coming Home to Powell Street by Tamio Wakayama (Jan 1, 1992)

booksKikyo has bloomed (Kadokawa Bunko) (1986) ISBN: 404137152X [Japanese Import] by Yoshio Kataoka (0100)

booksKikyo cultivation and processing of new storage technologies (agricultural science and technology into the household... by HAN HONG FENG ZHU BIAN (1991)

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booksKikyo (Japanese Edition) by Yasuhisa Ebisawa (1994)

booksKikyo : keiji narusawa ryo [Japanese Edition] by Shunichi Doba (2010)


Movies about Kikyo:

moviesInuyasha: First Season 2009 NR - Runtime: 11 hrs 15 mins Starring: Noriko Hidaka, Willow Johnson, et al. Directed by: Masashi Ikeda, Yasunao Aoki and Naoya Aoki

moviesInuyasha - Season 3 2009 NR - Runtime: 11 hrs 15 mins Starring: Various Directed by: Various

moviesInuyasha - Season 4 Box Set 2009 NR - Runtime: 12 hrs 30 mins Starring: Various Directed by: Various

moviesInuyasha - Kikyo's Wandering Soul 2003 Unrated - Runtime: 1 hr 15 mins Starring: *

moviesInuyasha, Volume 50: Kikyo and Kagome 2007 Unrated - Runtime: 1 hr 15 mins Starring: Inuyasha Directed by: *

moviesJapanese TV Series - Kita No Kuni Kara 89' Kikyo PCXC-50069 Unrated -

moviesJapanese TV Series - Oyaji Ga Kureta Himitsu Shimoarai 5 Kyodani No Kikyo ASBY-5481 Unrated -


Wiki information Kikyo:

Film character, TV Character, Fictional Character

Kikyo is a fictional character from 2000 TV anime series Inu Yasha.

TV Episode

As Logan and Kikyo fought, more police arrive to see the two destroy the area, which Kikyo escapes and Logan retreats. Mariko sits silently as her father practices his kendo, but smiles when overhearing Hideki tell her father Logan is still alive....