Definition funny of Jebat:

urbanSlovak verb for fuck (vulgar). It´s usually used with many prefixes. 1. vy-jebat 2. roz-jebat 3. na-jebat 4. po-jebat 5. od-jebat 6. pri-jebat 1. to spill, to fall off, 2. to break, to smash, to beat, 3. to crash, to get bombed, drunk, 4. to fuck someone, to screw, 5. to throw away, to kill somebody 6. to hit somebody, to fasten something All words including "jebat" are rouhg, vulgar

urban"Ja to mozem jebat!" (author: Melisko) "Fuck this!"

urbancroatian word meaning to fuck

urbanjebo ti ja mater ja bi nju jebo


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songsJebat zu-schlagen (Pereeskop Remix) by DJ KoT from the Album Voyage

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Books about Jebat:

booksJebat derhaka: Dipadankan dengan Hikayat Hang Tuah (Penerbitan Keluarga) by Muhammad Ibrahim (1956)

booksCharacterisation in Hikayat Hang Tuah : a general survey of methods of character-portrayal and analysis and interpretation... by Kassim Ahmad (1966)


booksTuah-Jebat dalam drama Melayu: Satu kajian intertekstualiti by A. Rahman Hanafiah (1994)


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Hang Jebat
Man, Person

Hang Jebat was the closest companion of the legendary Melakan hero Hang Tuah. Regarded in Malaysia as one of the greatest silat exponents in history, he is well known for his vengeful rebellion against the Malacca Sultan whom he served. He can also...

KD Jebat

FFG 29 KD Hang Jebat is a Lekiu-class guided missile frigate currently serving under the Royal Malaysian Navy and one of the major naval assets for Malaysia. Jebat serves in the 23rd Frigate Squadron of the Royal Malaysian Navy under Captain Aris Adi...