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Illarion Expression, Illarion Soul Urge, Illarion Inner Dream


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additionalRussian form of HILARION


Definition funny of Illarion:

urbanA free online MMORPG that claims to be more then it is. forces users to give up all rights and liberties as users in order to "play" in a world created solely by the staff and puppetry they create. Claims to enforce roleplaying, but the only real roleplaying is sex between fantasy characters, A game designed for elitists with no life and way too much time on their hands. Has nothing to do with the Illiad.

urbanGuy: Hey wanna play illarion? Other Guy: I'd rather gouge my eyes out with a spoon and play a real mmorpg.

urbanThis is a not-so-popular but popular-wannabe pure roleplaying game, which totally favours roleplaying instead of skilling, although 90% of the players prefer skilling than roleplaying. It is said you could have fun without fighting a monster or having any skills, but that's equivalent to not playing the game due to the current in game circumstances. If you really want to have fun in this game and become popular, you need to waste part of your life slashing mummies, skeletons and the harder skeletons that fell in red paint. Once you are strong, you can act fearless and heroic against warriors, guards and whats not, and pwn them all! Although this game has a potential in roleplaying, sadly, it is totally ruined by powergamers who can ruin moments with silly actions (as seen in examples). And even more sadly, those powergamers form the largest part of the community. Another part of the community involve couples, finding private places (deserts, seashore, islands, prison, taverns) for cybering. n00bs tend to be frowned upon or angered at if they speak modern english language IC (in character), things like "lol" or "how i mine 4 fish", when on the other hand, "elitist" wannabe experienced roleplayers in the game make nonsense in-character actions themselves (as seen in examples too). In game commands: #me : An action that your character is doing. #w : Whispered text. Sometimes this is used to write some actions when you don't want other players to see the action (ex. cybering). #s : Shouted text. Annoying. But an easy way out for newbies. !coff: A command to make your character able to walk through walls and unpassable terrain. Oops, this is only a GM command. Terms used: Cloud: This refers when your character is "killed". Now, the graphic is a spirit rather than a cloud, but the term hasn't changed. Swirlie: When you earn a skill, you get this shiny swirlie around your character. Last note: The community is made up of german people and non-german people. Usually there's a division between them, causing for frustrating RP moments (last example).

urbanNewbie: lol what 2 do in dis game Experienced roleplayer: (( Firstly, in illarion, you should learn the difference between OOC and IC. OOC is out of character, what the player says and IC is in character, what the - Experienced roleplayer: - character says. You should use double brackets when OOC. You should also press F1 and read the - Experienced roleplayer: - help manual, although I myself didn't know it exists. Now, do you have a question? )) Newbie: do i quit? Elitist RPer 1 raises his sharp, finely-made sword upwards, then, as he inches forward, he swings his sword in a downward arc, strength and ferocity clear in his attack. Elitist RPer 2 slashes. Elitist RPer 1 gets a swirlie and runs. RPer1 pushes the man to the gate. RPer2 is force RPed to the gate. 'Mage-wannabe' casts a fireball and deals him 10% damage. English Guy: *waits 10 minutes for someone to RP with* German Guy passes. German Guy: Gru├če. English Guy: ... English Guy: What? Greetings! German Guy leaves. English Guy: *waits another 10 minutes* German Girl passes. German dwarf: TACH! English Guy: Greetings. German dwarf leaves. English Guy: *waits another 10 minutes* English Girl passes but leaves without a word, nor a chance to say something. English Guy: *quits*

urbanIllarion is an online RPG with a small number of players which is focused mostly on true roleplaying. The comunity is split into a few categories: a. Rpers (80% of the community)-most of them are lazy people who cannot fit in the other categories and like to write a lot of useless centences. b.Powergamers who don't know how to play-(8% of the comunity)-people who have no life and focus mostly on gaining skill, tough they have no idea how, it is not the object of the game and people who only focus on powergaming are hated by the community. c.Powergamers who know how to play(2% of the community)- they are basically people who know almost everything about the game and understand that they need to combine powergaming with roleplaying, very few are still active. d.Cheaters(1% of the community)-players who have been struggling to gain the favor of the gamemasters to receive free skill and other items such as "Magic gems" e.GM cheaters(1% of the community)- basically they are gms who don't know how to play, they get the title by making a few maps and then spawn countless items to their player chars such as: excellent magic weapons, magic gems, drow equipment etc. f.Noobs(8% of the community)- just plain idiots who have no purpose in the game whatsoever.

urbanMagic Noobs illarion

urbanIllarion is a free multiplayer online roleplaying game, with no item mall. It stresses a balance between roleplaying and skill. In this game, you will run across other character's who have far ranging stories. While you are playing with other players the stress on the IG atmosphere is all upon characters meaning the players behind the screen essentially do not exist, except for the fact that you are intended to allow for them to have fun as well as yourself. Basically, no being a jerk, or performing actions that might not be appropriate for under age players. Obviously there are flaws as with any other game, and the staff generally will fix them in one large update, so you may have to deal with bugs for a time, unless it is very severe at which they will publish an update immediatly. There are also times when rules are broken and punishment is given, in which a staff member will check the situation if it is reported, which is highly recommended. There are rarely any problems with the staff, and are generally good people. Generally speaking, as a new player you will be accepted as long as you actually try. If you make a character that just goes around attacking people because he is evil, with no idea behind it, then you will probably be disliked. However, if you try to come up with a story as to why your character acts in such a way, then you will be accepted. There are still rules, but they are not extremely limiting as long as you stay within the bounds of 'reality' of the game. Your best bet is to just try to roleplay, and see what happens.


Books about Illarion:

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Illarion Pryanishnikov
Painting Artist, Deceased Person, Person, Visual Artist

Illarion Mikhailovich Pryanishnikov was a Russian painter, one of the founders of the Peredvizhniki artistic cooperative. Illarion Pryanishnikov was born in the village of Timashovo in a family of merchants. From 1856 to 1866 he studied in the Moscow...

Andrey Illarionov
Politician, Academic, Person

Andrey Nikolayevich Illarionov is a Russian economist and former economic policy advisor to the President of Russia, Vladimir Putin. He currently works as a senior fellow in the Center for Global Liberty and Prosperity at the Cato Institute in...