Definition funny of Hylian:

urbanN. Someone so infatuated with the Legend of Zelda series that they've learned the Hylian language, have made Link battle sounds, have the Triforce somewhere on their body, refer to something in reality as something from the game, or all of the above.

urbanChick: That painting of that abstract almond kind of looked like a Deku nut... Guy: You're definitely a Hylian.

urbanSomeone who lives in hyrule

urbanThat dude's a hylian


Wiki information Hylian:

Ethnicity in fiction, Character Species

Hylians (ハイリア族 Hairia-zoku?) are an elf-like race that make up the main population of Hyrule.[23] They were the first race to establish organized civilization in ancient Hyrule and are born with magic-infused blood, said to be a gift from the...

Hylian Lemon
Musical Artist, Musician, Person