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numerologyName Number: 5 Meaning: Motion, Change, Freedom, Diversity, Liberty, Choice, Interest, Search, Risk, Danger, Fear


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urbanThe word hussar pronounced huh-ZAR, huh-SAR, or hoo-ZAR traditionally refers to a light cavalryman, and probably derives from Serbian gussar. HOWEVER hussar now refers to the extraordinary feet of a certain "un-named" english teacher. these feet arent just normal feet they a bent upwards at the end they curl and are allround a good source of entertainment for english lessons.

urbanbored 1: "im sooo bored" bored 2: "yer same" bored 1: "i no lets watch the hussars" bored 1 & 2: *stare in astonishment* bored 1 & 2 *burst out laughing* bored 1: " well that certainly cheered me up" bored 2: "ahhh thats much better"

urbanLight cavalry, historically Hungarians who fought for Poland as mercenaries. Their value in combat became realized and countries all over Europe started to employ regiments of Hussars. A Hussar during the 18th and 19th century wore no armor, instead wearing a dolman underneath a pelisse, a short-waisted overjacket that was slung over the shoulder like a cape, and a shako. Hussars used light sabers and did not carry any firearms or lances except officers who would keep a pistol. Hussar's were famous throughout the world for their dashing and cavalier manner, especially in America where stories of French Hussars fascinated Americans. But Hussars in reality were rather rude, brash people and were also known to get drunk and start fights in taverns and inns. But their bravery in battle was unquestioned. They would just get rowdy and often times demand food from villages they passed through. Often disguising it by seducing the town's womenfolk. Hussars were also mustachioed, in fact, British hussars were the only mustachioed troops in the whole British army.

urbanSo I heard this story about a French Hussar who surprised a group of British troops just before Waterloo. He came out of the trees and challenged a British dragoon. The dragoon was so scared that instead of fighting the Hussar he pulled out his carbine and tried to shoot him but he missed. So he kept reloading his carbine and shooting and missing. This went on for some time, the French Hussar shouting to the British Dragoon to fight like a man, until a Belgian hussar rode forward and accepted the French Hussar's challenge. They fought for a while but neither bested the other and they sheathed their sabers and shook hands and rode their separate ways. As he rode back, the Belgian Hussar just looked at the British dragoon and shook his head and laughed.

urbanA highly spammy individual, also prone to drinking Toilet Duck and shouting 'Huzzzzzar' alot.


Songs about Hussar:

songsThe Hussar March: From The Movie "Put In A Word For The Poor Hussar" by Government Orchestra Of Russia from the Album Creation Of The Light: Russian Orchestras Play Andrew Petrov's Music

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Books about Hussar:

booksPolish Winged Hussar 1576-1775 (Warrior) by Richard Brzezinski and Velimir Vuksic (Jul 25, 2006)

booksThe Hussar by Gregor Von Rezzori and Catherine Hutter (1960)

booksOnce a Hussar: A Memoir of Battle, Capture, and Escape in World War II by Ray Ellis (Sep 2, 2014)

booksArmoured Hussars: Images of the Polish 1st Armoured Division 1939-47 by Janusz Jarzembowski (Jun 19, 2014)

booksThe Hussar by David R. Slavitt (May 1987)

booksNapoleon's Hussars (Men-at-Arms) by Emir Bukhari and Angus McBride (Mar 23, 1978)

booksHUSSARS, HORSES AND HISTORY by John Strawson (Sep 2007)


Movies about Hussar:

moviesHussar Ballad / Gusarskaya ballada - Runtime: 1 hr 30 mins Directed by: Ryazanov

moviesAdam Ant: The Blueblack Hussar 2014 G - Runtime: 1 hr 39 mins Starring: Adam Ant, Charlotte Rampling, et al. Directed by: Jack Bond

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moviesThe Faithful Hussar Unrated - Runtime: 1 hr 26 mins Starring: Paul Hörbiger, Loni Heuser, Harry Meyen, et al. Directed by: Rudolf Schündler

moviesSay a word about a Poor Hussar 1980 - Runtime: 2 hrs 48 mins Directed by: Ryazanov


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Hussar refers to a number of types of light cavalry. This type of cavalry first appeared in the Hungarian army of King Matthias Corvinus. The title and distinctive dress of these horsemen was subsequently widely adopted by light cavalry regiments in...

Polish hussars

The Polish Hussars, or Winged Hussars, were one of the main types of the cavalry in the Crown of the Kingdom of Poland between the 16th and 18th centuries. When this cavalry type was first introduced by the Serbian and Hungarian mercenary horsemen in...