Books about Haukr:

booksFloamanna saga, Gaulverjabær and Haukr Erlendsson (Studia Islandica = Islensk fræði) by Richard Perkins (1978)

booksFlóamanna saga, GaulverjabÃ|r and Haukr Erlendsson (Studia Islandica = Íslensk frÃ|ði) by Richard Perkins (1978)

booksFlGoamanna saga, Gaulverjab¦r and Haukr Erlendsson by Richard, Perkins (1978)


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Haukr Erlendsson
Man, Person, Deceased Person

Haukr or Hauk Erlendsson, lawspeaker of Iceland, later lawspeaker and knight of Norway, known for having compiled a number of Icelandic sagas and other materials mostly in his own hand, bound in a book called the Hauksbók after him.

Poem, Published Work, Written Work

Íslendingadrápa is a skaldic poem composed in Iceland in the 12th or 13th centuries. It is preserved only in AM 748 Ib 4to, one of the manuscripts of the Prose Edda. The manuscript identifies the author as one Haukr Valdísarson, a man otherwise...