Books about Ghilzai:

booksThe Ghilzai"s Wife and Other Stories of East and West by Lieut.-General Sir George Macmunn (1930)

booksTHE GHILZAI'S WIFE AND OTHER STORIES OF EAST AND WEST. by Lieut.-General Sir George. MacMunn (1936)

booksThe Ghilzai's Wife by Lieut-General Sir George Macmunn (Jan 1, 1930)

booksDoing Pakhtu: Social organization of the Ghilzai Pakhtun by Jon W Anderson (1979)


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The Ghilzai, also known historically as Ghilji, Khilji and Gharzai, are the second-largest Pashtun tribal confederacy found in Afghanistan and Pakistan. The Ghilzai Tribes are today scattered all over Afghanistan and some parts of Pakistan but mainly...

Kochi people

Kochis or Kuchis are Afghan Pashtun nomads, primarily from the Ghilzai tribal confederacy. Some of the most notable Ghilzai Kochi tribes include the Kharoti, Andar and Ahmadzai. Sometimes Durrani tribes can be found among the Kochi, and occasionally...