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Fergnae mac Oengusso Ibdaig
Deceased Person, Person

Fergnae mac Óengusso Ibdaig was a Dal Fiatach king of Ulaid. He was the nephew of Muiredach Muinderg mac Forgo and grandson of Forga mac Dallán, previous kings. He ruled the Dal Fiatach from 532 and succeeded Eochaid mac Condlai of the Dal nAraide as...

Fergno Britt mac Faílbi
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Fergnae or Fergno Britt mac Faílbi was the fourth abbot of Iona. Fergnae was the first abbot of Iona to have come from outside Saint Columba's generation. Moreover, unlike his predecessors, he was not from the Cenél Conaill, the kin-group to which...