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urbanabbreviation standing for end-user license agreement. it is a legal contract between the user and the author of a software. eula describes all the details regarding how the software could be used.

urbantwo friends installing windows xp... a: woah, man, wait, why did you click next? you didn't even read it? b: ah, come on! it was the eula crap. who reads them anyway?!

urbanStands for End User Liscence Agreement. It's a contract that allows a company to do everything from install spyware on your computer, to simply fuck in the ass.

urbanPerson 1: I bought a Sony BMG CD and they made me accept an EULA that said they could install viruses on my computer! Person 2: You got fucked in the ass!

urbanThe girl's name Eula \e(u)-la\ is a variant of Eulalia (Greek) and Ula (Scandinavian, Celtic, Hawaiian), and the meaning of Eula is "well-spoken; wealthy; gem of the sea; sacred red". The hidden meaning of the name "Eula" using numerology is "Optimistic - Easygoing, sociable, spontaneous and humorous" People who possess this name are usually quite resentful of it at a young age as it can be a topic of being made fun of, but later learn to appreciate its uniqueness. It is quite uncommon to meet someone harboring that name, and meeting someone with that name are usually brought about by random circumstances. Once you meet a Eula, you will notice that as odd as they may be, they are great friends to be around with, as they are usually out-spoken, hyper, and are unafraid to speak about their own opinions. They are also open to talk about their weirdest hobbies, and tend to blurt out random topics (from food to sex) in the most unexpected times. They love anything shiny, bright, colourful or anything that seems interesting and are easily distracted. They are easygoing and don't pay particular attention to small things, are clumsy, lazy when it comes to cleaning or organizing, and usually inattentive unless something really sparks their interest. However, they are also very loyal and are mostly very enthusiastic, making them your ideal candidates for telling your secrets to, calling for last minute plans to go out, and being your best friend.

urbanYou're being such a Eula, I love it!

urbanA sexual pose where a female uses her middle and index fingers in an upside down V shape to spread the lips of her vagina.


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George Eulas Foster
Politician, Author, Chivalric Order Member, Person, Deceased Person

Sir George Eulas Foster, PC, PC, GCMG was a Canadian politician and academic. He coined the phrase "splendid isolation" to describe British foreign policy in the late 19th century. Foster was an M.P. and a Senator in the Canadian Parliament for a...

Organism Classification

Eulasiodora is a genus of beetles in the family Buprestidae, containing the following species: Eulasiodora singularis Obenberger, 1931 Eulasiodora umtalina