Definition funny of Dropzone:

urbanThe area directly in front of a urinal in the men's room where there is chronically a little puddle of foul urine. This is caused by the little drops at the beginning and end of the flow that don't make it into the urinal because the guy doesn't want to stick his dick right into the dirty thing. However, the drop zone is an accepted part of the male culture, as is the default three inches from the actual urinal that you must stand in order not to pick up some disease from virtually humping the thing to avoid an addition to the drop zone. (another unfortunate result of standing too close to a urinal is splashback when your piss hits the vertical wall and deflects back at you in a hail of little drops)

urban"Woah woah, son. Always watch out for the drop zone when you pee in this thing. Keep your legs spread a little and your feet in a slighly outward angle, and you won't step in it." 'Okay, dad.'

urbanDrop zoning is the act of have sex with a girl so hard and fast that her screams and moans are silenced by her pleasure.

urbanLast night he drop zoned me, it was amazing.

urbanA method of masturbation, or a way of performing a handjob in which the hand slowly moves up the shaft, followed by an incredibly fast jerk to the bottom. Repeat as needed. Named for its similarity to the "Drop Zone" ride at Paramount Canada's Wonderland.

urban"So, I heard you got a handjob." "Yeah, she gave me a drop zone."

urbanAlso known as DZ, this is a place you go to jump out of an aircraft, land, and repeat.


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Action-adventure Video Game, Video game

Dropzone is a shoot 'em up video game developed by Arena Graphics in 1984. It is a bi-directional, horizontally scrolling shoot 'em up in the style of Defender. It was designed and written by Archer MacLean, his first commercial video game. In fact,...

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