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Dhihei of the Maldives
Noble person, Deceased Person, Person

Al-Sultan Dhihei Kalaminjaa II Siri Dhagatha Abaarana Mahaa Radun was the Sultan of the Maldives from 1199 to 1214. He ascended the throne after the death of his elder brother Dhinei in 1199. He was the sixth sultan to ascend the throne of Maldives...

Valla Dio of the Maldives
Deceased Person, Person

Al-Sultan Valla Dio Kalaminjaa Siri Raa-Araa Desvaru Mahaa Radun was a Sultan of the Maldives. He was younger brother to Sultan Wadi, Dhinei and Dhihei. He ruled the country from 1233 to 1258.