Books about Debter:

books" Debter-chzhamtso " --istochnik po istorii mongolov Kuku-nora by R. N Dugarov (1983)

booksSiditu kegur-un uliger =: The Mongolian tales of the bewitched corpse : Mongolian text of the 1928 Ulan Bator... (1984)

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booksQan Qarangui: Transcription des Textes : des Rintschen-ms (Debter, Deb-ther, Debtelin) (1993)

booksA preliminary index to Rasonyi's Onomasticon Turcicum (Debter, deb-ther, debtelin) by Imre Baski (1986)


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Altan Debter

The Altan Debter is an early, now lost history of the Mongols. Rashid-al-Din Hamadani had access to it when writing his Chronicles, Jami al-Tawarikh. Some believe that The Secret History of the Mongols is based on it, though Morgan argues that the...


A debtera is an itinerant religious figure among the Beta Israel and in the Ethiopian and Eritrean Orthodox Tewahedo Churches, who sings hymns and dances for churchgoers, and who performs exorcisms and white magic to aid the congregation. A debtera...