Books about Dagstuhl:

booksTime-of-Flight and Depth Imaging. Sensors, Algorithms and Applications: Dagstuhl Seminar 2012 and GCPR Workshop... by Marcin Grzegorzek, Christian Theobalt, Reinhard Koch and Andreas Kolb (Nov 8, 2013)

booksGeneric Programming: IFIP TC2 / WG2.1 Working Conference Programming July 11-12, 2002, Dagstuhl, Germany (IFIP... by Jeremy Gibbons and Johan Jeuring (Oct 4, 2013)

booksNumerical Software with Result Verification by René Alt, Andreas Frommer, R. Baker Kearfott and Wolfram Luther (Mar 12, 2004)

booksTransactions and Change in Logic Databases: International Seminar on Logic Databases and the Meaning of Change... by Burkhard Freitag, Hendrik Decker, Michael Kifer and Andrei Voronkov (Dec 11, 1998)

booksVisualization and Processing of Tensor Fields (Mathematics and Visualization) by Joachim Weickert and Hans Hagen (Dec 21, 2005)

booksDagstuhl-Seminar 1997: Effiziente Methoden der geometrischen Modellierung und der wissenschaftlichen Visualisierung... by Hans Hagen, Guido H. Brunnet, Heinrich Müller and Dieter Roller (Oct 4, 2013)

booksGeometric Modelling: Dagstuhl 2002 by Stefanie Hahmann, Guido Brunnett, Gerald Farin and R. Goldman (Oct 4, 2013)


Wiki information Dagstuhl:

Structure, Project focus, Location

Dagstuhl is a computer science research center in Germany, located in and named after a district of the town of Wadern, Merzig-Wadern, Saarland.

Dagstuhl Castle
Structure, Project focus, Location

Dagstuhl Castle is a ruined castle on the top of a hill near the town of Wadern, kreis Merzig-Wadern, in Saarland, Germany. It overlooks the newer Schloss Dagstuhl in the valley below, which is historic but has been converted for use as a conference...