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urbanCutting has been described to me by my therapist as a natural drug in that it released endorphins to the brain immediately following the cutting. However, in the long run, cutting can lead to more severe depression and also can cause permanent physical damage. Cutting sometimes is accompanied by head banging, burning, or other self-destructive behaviors. Despite some of the close minded definitions, cutting is not done only by emo kids. Although some emo kids do cut, most of the characteristics of cutters are the same as those with eating disorders. Cutters tend to be perfectionists, and often are white, middle class teenage girls, although not all cutters come from this background. Cutting often is a result of depression, and some view it as a way to release emotional pain when it feels like you would explode otherwise. Although many people think that those with depression have experienced huge tramas in their lives, this is not necessarily the case. Depression is a disease, just like diabetes is a disease. It can strike anyone, regardless of their gender, class, or social status. I personally am attending an ivyleague college next year, was captain of my soccer team in high school, could be considered among the popular kids at my school, and have an extremely loving family. I still have the scars from my cutting, which I stopped doing 2 months ago. Although i was lucky enough to be able to stop, other people such as my older sister, became addicted. Cutting is not something to mess around with. However ,it is naive to dismiss cutting as simply a way to get attention. It is also naive to scorn those who seem to have perfect lives as being stupid for cutting. People do not choose to be depressed.

urban"how can you be so depressed? You're so beautiful and so good at everything." - me crying to my to my sister in an ambulance after one of her major cutting episodes "that doesnt matter tho. being pretty doesn't change wut mood i'm in," - my sister

urbanWhen a person (usually a teen/young adult) has difficulties in life, they may resort to cutting themselves. This is exactly how it sounds, using a sharp object - any sharp object, often - and take it to your wrist/arm and cut yourself. This action becomes addicting after a while, and gives the cutter a "rush" and often makes them feel better. Despite what many self-indulged non-cutters may say and beleive, it is not an act of "jumping on the bandwagon" and "fake troubles". Many times it is because they are abused or suffering from depression(the freaking President's daughter can get depression! Many times it has nothing to do with your lifestyle! GOSH!) I mean tell me something. Would YOU take a knife/razor etc. and slice your arm up JUST TO BE COOL? This is NOT a fashion statement! This is NOT just to look cool! They are DEALING WITH THEIR PROBLEMS. Please, think before you post some stupid remark like many of these are. Cutting is dealing with your emotions, not doing what everyone else does. Youre getting it confused with Abercrombie & Fitch.

urbanMelissa, I have to tell you something. My dad..he hits me..and I started cutting. Please don't tell anyone! Because remember, not everything is really what it seems on the outdide. The girl next door watches her dad beat her mom every night. You don't know what goes on underneath.

urbana method of self-injury that involves habitually making shallow lacerations in one's skin with a razor blade, knife, or other sharp object. Cutting and other self-harming behaviors are coping mechanisms in response to stress or anxiety, depression, compulsive feelings, feelings of emptiness, or other distressing emotions. The act of cutting releases endorphins, producing calm relief or even euphoria. While not chemically addictive, self-injury can be extremely difficult to stop simply because it is so effective, despite its attendant risks and overwhelming social stigma. Self-harming behaviors are by definition NOT suicide attempts, although cutting can result in serious infections or accidental death - or more often, trips to the emergency room for stitches. A popular assumption is that most cutters are young women, often with a history of psychological trauma, abuse, or loss. The demographics of cutters are actually difficult to determine - in part because, contrary to another common belief, most cutters go to great lengths to conceal their behavior. Female cutters often self-injure in less publicly visible areas, such as their thighs, and/or wear jewelry, makeup, and clothing meant to cover up their wounds. Some cutters who have many obvious scars nonetheless are ashamed of their behavior and won't admit to it if questioned. Cat scratches or shaving cuts are common excuses. A wider definition of self-injury includes, in addition to self-burning, behaviors such as banging one's head, hitting oneself, and scratching or pinching oneself, which are more common than cutting among young people of both genders. The demographics of cutting may be changing as the behavior is more widely publicized. People who formerly practiced some of these other less harmful behaviors may be tempted to experiment with cutting. If they continue to do so, it is probably because they find cutting to be satisfying or effective, NOT because the behavior is or ever has been "trendy." As for the association with emo music and culture, most (but not all) cutters are young people, and many young people listen to emo bands. In addition, people who are distressed are often attracted to music that relates to what they are going through. However, since most cutters conceal their behavior, it may be only a small minority that vocally identifies with emo culture. The maliciously joking attitude that many people have toward cutting may be due to the disgust, confusion, and horror that the idea generally provokes. Becoming educated about cutting can diminish those feelings and help to create a supportive attitude toward friends and family members who struggle with self-injury.

urbanIn the dark comedy Secretary, Maggie Gyllenhaal plays a character named Lee who struggles with cutting but stops during the course of the film. Edward: Why do you cut yourself, Lee? Lee: I don't know. Edward: Is it that sometimes the pain inside has to come to the surface, and when you see evidence of the pain inside you finally know you're really here? Then, when you watch the wound heal, it's comforting, isn't it? Lee: I... That's a way to put it.

urbanV. The act of inflicting wounds upon oneself often to deal with overwhelming stress/trauma/ect; a form of self-injury/mutilation. It is often associated with depression and emo music, and has become a bit of a "fad" with people today. It often becomes an addiction due to the brain associating it with realease from stress, trauma, tension, ect.


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