Books about Cordic:

booksCordic algorithm techniques: Design,analysis and synthesis by Navdeep Prashar (Oct 11, 2012)

booksCORDIC IMPLEMENTATION OF SINE-COSINE FUNCTIONS: Algorithm and Implementation Floating-Point Format by Ashutosh Gupta (Sep 12, 2010)

booksFPGA implementation of DFT using CORDIC algorithm by Vikas Kumar (Dec 21, 2013)

booksHardware-oriented m-D CORDIC-like Algorithms and Their Applications by Evgeny Dukhnich (Feb 14, 2014)

booksVLSI Implementation of Original, Control and Pipeline CORDIC Algorithm by Deepika Ghai and Kulbir Singh (Jul 27, 2013)

booksWeaving the Net:: Missional Synergy through Cordic Connectivity by Jonathan Augustine (Jan 5, 2010)

booksThe Square Root Cordic by Ronald F. Gleeson (1991)


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CORDIC, also known as the digit-by-digit method and Volder's algorithm, is a simple and efficient algorithm to calculate hyperbolic and trigonometric functions. It is commonly used when no hardware multiplier is available as the only operations it...

Regis Cordic
Radio personality, Film actor, Person, Broadcast Artist, TV Actor, Deceased Person

Regis John "Rege" Cordic was an American radio personality and actor. His career in entertainment divides roughly in half: from 1948 to 1965, he was the dominant morning drive-time radio host in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; from the late 1950s to the...