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urban(v) When a big greasy snot, in various stages of congealment, gets entangled in ones ungroomed, shaggy heap of pubic hair. This is frequently the result of blowing ones nose in the shower, but can occur wherever water activities, nudity and nose blowing coincide. (n) A caked up boogie that is ensared & then enmashed in ones muff.

urban1. While at the nude section of the beach, everyone was staring at me. Originally I though they were all impressed with my endowment. Then, to my disappointment, and to the disgust of others, I realized that I had cislered. 2. My girlfiend vomited when we were being intimate. She gagged, she said I had a cisler, then ran to the bathroom.


Books about Cisler:

booksA Measurable Difference : The Reminiscences of Walker Lee Cisler by Walker Lee Cisler (1976)

booksA measurable difference: The reminiscences of Walker Lee Cisler, in collaboration with James P. McCormick (The... by Walker Lee Cisler (1976)

booksBy Valerie Cisler Alfred's Basic Piano Library Piano: Composition Book Level 1B by Valerie Cisler (Mar 16, 1996)

booksThe life saga and stories of Harvey, Cisler, Gerstenberger, Mosher, and some related lines by Lois Gerstenberger Harvey (1979)

booksAddenda & errata, The life saga and stories of Harvey, Cisler, Gerstenberger, Mosher: A family history by Lois Gerstenberger Harvey (1981)


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Walker Lee Cisler
Engineer, Influence Node, Award Winner, Academic, Person, Author, Deceased Person

Walker Lee Cisler was a noted American engineer, business executive, and a founding member of the National Academy of Engineering.

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