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urbanPronounced: "chawch" Definition: Noun-A person (usually male)who attempts to exhibit a cool and popular look but generally comes across as either an asshole and/or a total loser. Plural: chachs, chaches. Adjective, adverb- dumb, idiotic Ex: "That guy just totally pulled a chach move." (Rare) Verb-to unjustifiably escape a commitment. Ex: "Todd really chached out tonight." Behavioral Patterns: Tends to bitch out when extreme situations present themselves. Provokes animosity in more enlightened individuals. Special Abilities: Being able to piss off peers in close proximity by doing absolutely nothing. Where found: Shopping malls, fraternities, Late night diners, college bars and/or clubs, party schools, business seminars. Synomyms:douche bag, bitchass, etc. Combinations: Can be used in conjunction with "ass" as in "chach ass". Northern dialect also includes the form "Chachski". Possibly Derived from: The character Chachi played by actor Scott Baio on the television programs Happy Days (1974-1984)and Joanie Loves Chachi(1982-1983). Vulgarity Level: Perfectly safe to use in public. What to do if encountered: Keep a cool head. A chach's main weapon is annoyance. Avoid places where chaches frequent (you should anyways). They are insecure and have a weak sense of pride so hit on their girlfriend to throw them off guard.

urbanUse your imagination. Everyone has met a chach. "(insert name here) is a chach (ass)."

urbannoun: a man trying too hard to appeal to the opposite sex by means of too much calogne, too many accessories, excessive hair styling, or overpriced clothes (eg-$90 t-shirts), yet tries to maintain his masculinity by calling girls sluts and talking much louder than those around him. see also: tchotch

urbangirl: "That chach called me a whore after I scoffed at his pronouncement that he would do things to my I've only dreamed of."

urbanA chach is someone who has been a douche enough times to be considered something more irritating. So, being a chach is definitely worse than being a douche.

urbanEvery time we go out with that guy, he ends up hitting on my girlfriend. He's definitely a douche bag with chach tendencies.

urbanThe incorrect way to spell choch


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booksQasa'id-i Badr Chach (Urdu Edition) by Muhammad Hadi 'Ali and Badr al-Din Chachi (Sep 12, 2011)

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Chach Nama, also known as the Fateh nama Sindh, and as Tarekh-e-Hind wa Sindh Arabic, is a book about the history of Sindh, chronicling the Chacha Dynasty's period, following the demise of the Rai Dynasty and the ascent of Chach of Alor to the...

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Chachapoyas is a city in northern Peru at an elevation of 2,235 meters. The city has a population of approximately 20,279 people. Situated in the mountains far from the Peruvian coast, Chachapoyas remains fairly isolated from other regions of Peru....