Definition funny of Caret:

urbanA caret is sometimes used to comment on a message above yours on a forum or in a chatroom (See Example One). Sometimes, another message can be thrown between, causing confusion (See Example Two).

urbanExample One: Person: I liek big buttz and i cannut lie Person2: ^ Thanks for sharing. Example Two: Person: I like to watch the sunset reading a long novel about romance and shit. Person2: WHO LIKES ROLLERBLADING IN THE NUDE? I DOOOOOOO!1!!11!one!! Person2: ^ Ur so hawt And that's how you use a caret.


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The caret is an inverted V-shaped grapheme. It is the spacing character ^ in ASCII and other character sets that may also be called a hat, control, uparrow, or less frequently chevron, xor sign, to the [power of], pointer, or wedge. Officially, this...

Caret navigation

In computing, caret navigation is a kind of keyboard navigation where a caret is used to navigate within a text document. It is a fundamental feature for applications that deal with text, for example text editors, word processors, desktop publishing...