Definition funny of Bushin:

urbanJapanese for God of War

urbanI will become a bushin, it's my destiny!

urbanFrom the slave days, a common term used to describe taking a shit. Workers were not allowed to leave the fields to release their bowels, so they often had to do this in the bushes.

urbanBoy! Are you bushin in there?

urbanwhen one has extremely long pubes, that you can almost braid

urbanDamb that heffer bushin', that shit got stuck on my braces.

urbanBushin is a verb used to describe people who say they have quit something just so they don't have to buy it.


Books about Bushin:

booksQueen's Gate Bushin of Syoku Kannu Battle Visual Book Lost Worlds


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moviesMartial Arts - Bushin Kan DVD Series Yonjyuni Kunoichi Taikai SPD-7042 Unrated -


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