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urbanA complex man who deep down is usually wrestling with the voices in his mind telling him to be one of these things. a gangsta- A child who grew up in an environment you honestly don't want to know about. Was generally exposed to traumatic events during his childhood, most of them violent. Has lost many or most of his family members and is struggling to keep what's important to him in the only way he knows how (violence or crime). Generally this person was never given a chance to succeed because of early circumstances out of his influence. a thug- A man dedicated to gathering the attention of those around him, with multiple shows of bravado. Will perform minor acts of theft sometimes and will often try to mimic the actions and words of other thugs seen in music videos. May live in the ghetto/suburbs but will refuse to participate in any real crminial activity. a traitor- Often know as an oreo, any black man who after showing signs of intelligence, is willing to pursue his potential as an intellectual human being. Will talk proper english and will enjoy reading and learning. Has shown tendancies of hatred towards those of his own skin color brought on by previous ridicule. a matyr- Will make references of how black people are still enslaved by white people, blaming every non-black person for anything that goes wrong in his life usually. Often makes request for reperations for slavery and assures people of his hatred for "The Man". Continues to make radical statements calling for mass acts of violence or the refusal to eat some foods. a Vagrant- Upon realizing the paradoxs in all the previously stated paths this man has chosen to do what he wants and ignore the voices. This man may show signs of multiple personalities but can never clearly fit into any one class. Will often spend hours in thought on the question of "Who am I?".

urbanGangsta- "I dont like what I do, but it's the only choice we got out here." Thug- "Test tomorrow? I dont give a fuck, the only test I care about is how much weed can I smoke! Traitor- "Mixed? No I'm not mixed, why do you ask? Because I talk funny? Sorry for speaking proper english." Maytr- "If the white man understood what it was like to be black man, he'd hate himself too. Vagrant- "Theres like a civial war between black people, honestly I think both sides need to swallow their pride."

urbanYour average UK black man will not be out on road shottin' but doin' his job at a desk in an office, pickin' up his son from school, visiting his mother and just the kind of thing everybody and every other race will do in the right social community. In the wrong social community a black male could be dealin' just like a white man or an asian or a latino man could be dealing. US Stereotypes should stop applying here in main-stream media, two different countries, one learned how to move on and accept each others faults... i think i know which one it is. - EIB your 15 year old white male from a poor part of a city that is mixed.

urban"Today a black man was seen shooting a police officer" your average news report What wasn't reported was the white man doin' the same thing. Media is the only difference.

urbanRelated to Batman, he works at night where he can't be seen, usually seen near dark allyways and dimly lit streets, likes shanking and slappin bitches.

urbanThe Blackman is seen in the south and the hood, and likes to do hoodrat things.

urbanto steal someones money while on a trip then return the money right before the person leaves for home


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songsHow Great Is Our God (feat. Avion Blackman & Jennifer Howland) by Christafari from the Album Reggae Worship: A Roots Revival

songsBlackmans Paradise by Morgan Heritage from the Album Reggae Hits Vol. 27

songsBlackman Redemption by Bob Marley from the Album Confrontation

songsBlackman Know Yourself (Roots Remix) by Fela Kuti from the Album Shoki Shoki

songsReal Love (feat. Avion Blackman & Jennifer Howland) by Solomon Jabby from the Album Rocksteady

songsOceans (Where Feet May Fail) [Synthappella Version] (feat. Avion Blackman) by Christafari from the Album Oceans - EP

songsHosanna (feat. Avion Blackman & Jennifer Howland) by Christafari from the Album Reggae Worship: A Roots Revival


Books about Blackman:

booksThe Blackman's Guide to Understanding the Blackwoman by Shahrazad Ali (Dec 1989)

booksNew Order (Bo Blackman Book 2) by Helen Harper (Sep 29, 2014)

booksDire Straits (Bo Blackman Book 1) by Helen Harper (Jul 8, 2014)

booksMessage to the Blackman in America by Elijah Muhammad (Apr 1, 1997)

booksBlackman's Coffin (Sam Blackman Series) by Mark de Castrique (Jul 10, 2008)

booksBlackman's Coffin: A Sam Blackman Mystery (Sam Blackman Series) by Mark de Castrique (Jun 10, 2008)

booksThe Blackwoman's Guide to Understanding the Blackman by Shahrazad Ali (Apr 1992)


Movies about Blackman:

moviesMultiplicity: Cindy Blackman's Drum World 2006 NR - Runtime: 1 hr 1 min Starring: Cindy Blackman, Ravi Coltrane, et al. Directed by: Chiaki Matsumoto

moviesCindy Blackmans Drumworld: Multiplicity 2000 Unrated -

moviesBehind-the-scenes with Goldfinger Sean Connery; Honor Blackman 1995 Unrated - Runtime: 1 hr Starring: Honor Blackman

moviesThe Blackman's Guide on Tour 2000 NR - Runtime: 1 hr 11 mins Starring: Shahrazad Ali

moviesCindy Blackman's Drum World 2000 Unrated -

moviesBill Blackman Seascape DVD Set -

moviesA NIGHT TO REMEMBER Kenneth More, Ronald Allen, Robert Ayres, and Honor Blackman -


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Honor Blackman
Actor, TV Actor, Person, Musician, Theater Actor, Influence Node, Musical Artist, Person or entity appearing in film, Award Winner, Award Nominee

Honor Blackman is an English actress, widely known for the roles of Cathy Gale in The Avengers, Bond girl Pussy Galore in Goldfinger, and Shalako. She is also noted for her role as the goddess Hera in Jason and the Argonauts.

Cindy Blackman
Drummer, Person, Musical Artist, Musician, Record Producer

Cindy Blackman, sometimes known as Cindy Blackman-Santana, is an American jazz and rock drummer. Blackman is best known for recording and touring with Lenny Kravitz. Blackman has recorded several straight-ahead jazz albums under her own name, and has...