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urbanCapital of Serbia.

urbanIt was also the capital of ex-Yugoslavia.

urbanBeograd, also known as Belgrade is where early culture's of Europe existed and dominated the Balkans about 8000 years ago, Beograd counts as one of the oldest European and maybe world cities. It was Settled in 300BC by the Celtic before becoming the Roman settlement of Singidunum, then becoming site of the Byzantine Empire. The first Serbian king to rule Beograd was Dragutin in 1276, who received it as a present from the Hungarian king. In 1521 Beograd was captured by the Ottoman Turks, and Beograd remained under Ottoman rule for nearly three hundred years. When Serbia won it's independence in 1878, it became a important city in the balkens. After the first world war Beograd becomes the capital of the kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes, named as Yugoslavia in 1929. Beograd then became the capital of the Federal Republic of yugoslavia in 1992 (Serbia and Montenegro).

urbanBeograd throughout time: 800BC- First known neolithic settlement in the territory of Beograd End of 100BC- The Romans colonize Singidunum (Beograd) 441AD- The Huns destroy the city 504AD- The Goths capture Beograd agian after 470AD 510AD- A peace treaty handed over the city to the Byzantine Empire 535AD- Byzantine emperor Justinian I rebuilds Singidunum (Beograd) 584AD- The Avars conquer and destroy it 592- Byzantine Empire regains the city 600AD- The Avars destroy it again 630AD- The Slavs conquer Singidunum (Beograd) 878AD- The Slavs name the city Beograd 896AD- Army of Hungarians attack Beograd 971- Byzantine Empire conquers Beograd 1096- Beograd was destroyed by the Hungarians, but the Byzantine Empire remained in control of it 1096-1189- The Crusaders are passing through Belgrade 1232- Beograd become part of Hungary. 1284- The Serbian king Stefan Dragutin got Beograd from Hungary 1316- Stefan Milutin takes Beograd from his brother by force 1403 - Stefan Lazarevi√¶ establish Beograd as the capital of the Serbia 1440- The Ottoman Empire attacks Beograd. The attack fails but the city is heavily damaged 1456- Sultan Mehmed II besieges Beograd but fails to capture it. 1521- Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent conquers Beograd 1806- Karadorde captures Beograd and makes it the capital of Serbia 1813- The Ottomans reconquer the Beograd 1815 - MiloŇ° Obrenovi√¶ started the Second Serbian Uprising and conquered Beograd 1878- The Berlin Congress recognized the independence of Serbia in the Treaty of Berlin 1882- Beograd is the capital of the Kingdom of Serbia 1914- Austrians bombard and capture Beograd, during WWI 1914- The Serbs recapture Beograd 1915- German and Austrian troops capture beograd 1918- The Serbs recapture Beograd again 1918- Beograd becomes the capital of the Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes 1941- Nazi Germany occupies Beograd 1944- Beograd liberated by the Soviet Red Army and the People's Liberation Army of Yugoslavia 1992 - Federal Republic of Yugoslavia proclaimed (Beograd is no longer capital of Yugoslavia) 1999- Beograd was bombed by NATO (Because of the war between the Serbs and Kosovo Albanians. Albanians saw it as a "national liberation struggle" where as the Serbs saw them as terrorists taking land away from Serbia) 2003 - Federal Republic of Yugoslavia changed into Serbia and Montenegro (Beograd is capital of Serbia & Montenegro).


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OFK Beograd
Football team, Organization, Sports Team

Omladinski fudbalski klub Beograd, commonly known as OFK Beograd, is a professional Serbian football club from Belgrade, more precisely from the Karaburma urban neighborhood. It is currently the oldest club playing in the Serbian SuperLiga and is...

City/Town/Village, Statistical region, Sports Team Location, Filming location, Governmental Jurisdiction, Location, Place with neighborhoods, Travel destination, Administrative Division, Newspaper circulation area

Belgrade is the capital and largest city of Serbia. It is located at the confluence of the Sava and Danube rivers, where the Pannonian Plain meets the Balkans. Its name translates to White city. The city has a population of 1.23 million, while over...