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urbanThe most fantasitic and sexy dance in the world. but also the most mizunderstood dance in the world, facts about belldancers 1. we are not all fat 2. we are not all sluts 3. it is not called wiggling your butt it's called a shimmy and it't bloody hard to do! 4.we are also not all stick insects 5.It takes talent 6.We don't all work in las vegas clubs 7.it is NOT lapdancing

urbanmark-OMG theres a bellydancer lets go chat her up Roy-Yeah she is a bellydancer but she is also my local docter mark-does that mean she is not a slut Roy-guess so

urbanAn ancient form of dance, originating in the Middle East and/or the African continent, of which American "tribal belly dance" and "fusion dance" are offshoots. True belly dance is far older than any modern dance (including ballet) and requires far more skill, artistry, and coordination than any so-called "industrial" or "gothic" dance (neither of which are formally recognized as authentic by any established institution). Belly dance has no relation to "strip tease" or "pole dancing;" its roots and heritage may extend as far back as the time of the Pharoahs, and as such it is one of the oldest forms of dance in the world. True students of belly dance do NOT do it for the "titillation" of men, and as such they almost never perform at bachelor parties or strip clubs. The type of "dancing" performed at such events - while appearing similar to an ignorant individual - has nothing to do with authentic belly dance. In the West, women who perform bellydance are often accused of being "sluts," "dirty," "cheap," or "trashy." This is due to two factors: 1) The ignorance of most of the Western world of any cultural phenomenon which is not part of their narrow sphere of understanding, and 2) The refusal of individuals (primarily men, but women as well) to take responsibility for their own opinions and reactions to the imagery of belly dancing and those who perform it.

urban"I love the art of belly dance; it makes me feel good about myself, and about my body; it is beautiful and graceful; it keeps me in shape, and it's fun."

urbanAn ancient dance of the goddess by Arabian women for women. This dance was performed for pregnant women at fertility rites and such. Today, however, bellydance is associated with scantilly-clad women dancing for rich sultans. This dance includes many undulations of the belly, arms, and pelvis. Visits to Arabic countries include bellydancers performing at many parties, weddings, and cafes, to be enjoyed by both women and men.

urbanAudience: "Wow, look at that bellydancer shimmy!"

urbanthe COOLEST dance EVER. in the HISTORY of STUFF. woot. involves a lot of quazi-sexual wiggling, and a surprising amount of talent. everyone loves bellydancers. and, the fatter, the better.


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Books about Bellydance:

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Movies about Bellydance:

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Belly dance or bellydance is a Western-coined name for "solo, improvised dances based on torso articulation". Belly dance takes many different forms depending on the country and region, both in costume and dance style, and new styles have evolved in...

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