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urbanAn ethnic group mainly living in northwestern Iran and the Republic of Azerbaijan. They also live in a wider area from the Caucasus to the Iranian plateau. They are predominantly Shia Muslim and have a mixed heritage of Iranic, Caucasian, and Turkic elements. Most Azeris tend to have a distain for Armenians, passing this prejudice down to their children. Also, although th boys are usually quite average or good people, the girls tend to be the CRAZIEST bitches you'll ever meet.

urbanWow, That Azeri girl is such a crazy bitch. I met many azeris on my trip to the Iranian Plateau.

urbanA person of Azeri descent. Azeris, a.k.a. Azerbaijanis, are of mixed Iranian, Turkic and East Caucasian stock, and speak the Azeri language (which shares similarities with Turkish and to a lesser degree, Persian). Azeris live mostly in Azerbaijan, southeast Georgia, northern Iran, eastern Turkey, throughout Russia and until recent times throughout Armenia. Most are Shia Muslim with some presence of Sunni Muslims, Protestant and Orthodox Christians, and Bahais. The majority adheres to secular lifestyles.

urbanHe enjoyed the play as much as he enjoyed sitting next to an attractive Azeri.

urbanA person of Azerbaijani descent; majority are of Muslim blood. Speak the "Azeri" language - a Turkic language that is often called "Azerbaijani-Turkish".

urbanMy Azeri friend is from a large city that sits beside the Caspain Sea.

urbanAzeri is short for Azerbaijanese. Also people who pretend to be Scottish(but they really are Azeri) and write good stuff about them,and bad stuff about Armenians in Urban Dictionary.


Songs about Azeri:

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Books about Azeri:

booksHorse Racing Divas: From Azeri to Zenyatta, Twelve Fillies and Mares Who Achieved Racing's Highest Honor by Staff and Correspondents of The Blood-Horse (Nov 1, 2011)

booksAzeri Women in Transition: Women in Soviet and Post-Soviet Azerbaijan (Central Asia Research Forum) by Dr Farideh Heyat Nfa (Aug 30, 2002)

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Azerbaijani people

The Azerbaijanis are the Turkic-speaking ethnic group living mainly in the Republic of Azerbaijan and in Iran, as well as in neighboring states. Also referred to as "Azeris" or "Azerbaijani Turks" they live in a wider area from the Caucasus to the...

Azerbaijani language
Human Language

Azerbaijani, Azeri, or Azeri Turkish is a language belonging to the Turkic language family, spoken primarily in the South Caucasus region by the Azerbaijani people. The language is indigenous to Northern Iran, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Russian Caucasus,...