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urbana wealthy town full of jews, italians and albanians - but everyone thinks they are black. Full of dirty money, hot moms, european cars, nugget, teachers that bang students, fake tits, coke, and a lot of pills.

urbanYo the cops busted a middle school party tonight in Armonk, there was 3 ounces of coke there.

urbanA small hamlet located in northern Westchester County. It immediately adjoins Greenwich, Connecticut but lacks Greenwich's extreme wealth and mansions. The school district is highly rated and routinely produces several Intel Science Competition finalists annually. Armonk is home to the corporate headquarters of IBM, MBIA, and several other large companies. Armonk has the problems common to all wealthy suburban communities including: drugs, rude drivers in large SUVs, sex, and alchohol.

urbanMy closest Armonk friend drives a brand-new Mercedes-Benz to school, and I take the school bus. We are going to be roommates at Harvard in the Fall.

urbana really odd town in westchester, new york. it used to be semi-normal. the racial makeup is literally 70% jewish, 25% italian/albanian, and 5% other. if you're christian, then you already don't completely fit in. the girls are generally pretty jappy, think they're special, and are used to getting their own way, and the guys think they're ghetto because they listen to 50 cent. many people are fake. a lot of people are also pretty pathetic when you get down to it, and anything outside their own personal bubble is intense. for example, the girls think blink-182 and afi are hard rock, they're terrified of metallica, and anything harder than that would make them cry to their mommies. if you told the boys that the same bands were cool, they would all listen to them and pretend to like them, and eventually the girls would pretend to like the same bands that originally scared them. nobody seems to be themselves, and if they actually are, then the town is full of nightmares. the majority also spend a ton of money on appearances (abercrombie is armonk's version of hollister, and everybody wears too much makeup), yet nobody is really that good looking.

urbanthat armonk girl is wearing seven jeans, an abercrombie shirt, coach shoes, and a juicy couture jacket. wow. that armonk guy went to the galleria. he could have been shot. he's so tough. armonk girl: "omg look at her!(points to random girl wearing hollister, american eagle, and pac sun) she's so emo!!!"

urbana very fake place. many people are very superficial, and rather snobby. people have wealth, but little class for the most part. almost everyone is either jewish, italian, or albanian. even the kids are horribly snobby and cliquey. many people who live there hate it there. kids whose parents make 6-figure salaries pretend to be ghetto and do drugs. and you are oh-so-emo/gothic if you don't shop at the westchester/ abercrombie, because come on, that's what clothing is supposed to be (sarcasm).


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songsRed-Tailed Wally (Lake Converse, Armonk, NY) by John Gatti from the Album Destinations


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US Census Designated Place, HUD Foreclosure Area, Filming location, HUD County Place, Statistical region, Dated location, Location

Armonk is a hamlet and census-designated place in the town of North Castle, New York. As of the 2010 census, Armonk's CDP population was 4,330 and it has a total area of 6.1 square miles, of which 6.0 square miles is land and 0.077 square miles, or...

Armonk Corporation
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