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urbana town in Massachusetts filled with kids who have way too much time and money on their hands. Since there is nothing to do the weekend consists of raging it up and hooking up with everyone you possibly can. Then go to school on monday and talk about it/start cat fights. Everyone is a bitch and thinks they are the shit. If you do not fall into the category of a slut, bitch, hottie, or dank then you must be jewish or asian

urbanAndover is so sicky dank, lets rage it up

urbanA town in Massachusetts north of Boston. Andover can be known for having a good music scene that many kids don't appreciate, good schools, and a culture of kids who talk about how much they hate this town. Most families are wealthy, some are not. Often there isn't much to do for kids unless they figure something out themselves. But this is the same as pretty much any suburban town across the country. Many kids say they hate living here, even though they know they have it mad easy, but this is because they lack creative thinking skills and are so used to having things handed to them they refuse to take things into their own hands. Other kids figure out things to do and don't complain all the time.

urbanKid 1 - There's nothing to do in Andover tonight, let's just sit around and complain. Kid 2 - Well, remember we are all rich and have cars. So let's just find something to do somewhere else... Kid 1 - That's retarded, I hate this town. Kid 2 - Ok...

urbanAndover, as well as being a town in America, is a town in Britain. This town used to be a trading post for London in the eighteenth century. Now it's exactly the bloody same as every other town in the country, with a couple good pubs, a lot of chavs, and a good shit mix of people that are cool and shit. It's a shithole, but it's our shithole. If you americans think your Andover is shit/amazing, you have no idea how underwhelmed you could be if you just flew over the pond.

urbanAndover? Lol what a shithole.

urban1. an adjective used to describe any rich person in or around in area of Wichita Kansas. 2. an adjective used to describe a white person who trys to act/dress like a black person.


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Phillips Academy
Boarding school, Organization, Employer, Project focus, School, Educational Institution, Location, Namesake

Phillips Academy Andover is a highly selective, prestigious, co-educational independent boarding preparatory school for boarding and day students in grades 9–12, along with a post-graduate year. The school is located in Andover, Massachusetts, United...

City/Town/Village, Dated location, Newspaper circulation area, Employer, Statistical region, Location

Andover is a town in Essex County, Massachusetts, United States. It was settled in 1642 and incorporated in 1646. As of the 2010 census, the population was 33,201. It is part of the Boston-Cambridge-Quincy, Massachusetts-New Hampshire metropolitan...