Books about Aimaq:

booksWoven Jewels from the Black Tents: Baluchi, Aimaq, and Related Tribal Weavings of Iran, Afghanistan, and Pakistan... by Stephen C. Jett (May 18, 2006)

booksAltyn aimaq: Povester men anggimeler by Sabit Muqanov (1988)


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Aimaq people

The Aimaq, also transliterated as Aimak or Aymaq, are a collection of Persian-speaking nomadic and semi-nomadic tribes. Aimaqs are found throughout the West Central highlands of Afghanistan, immediately to the north of Herat, and in the Khorasan...

Aimaq dialect
Human Language

Aimaq is a dialect of the Persian language spoken west of the Hazarajat, in central northwest Afghanistan, eastern Iran, and Tajikistan. It is the dominant ethnolect of Persian spoken by the Aymāq people. It is very close to Khorasani and Dari...