Definition funny of Ziemke:

urbana dude who is constantly flexing and or checking himself out, a ziemke will usually hit on younger girls, preferably in highschool a ziemke has a small penis and thining hair, a ziemke will also fake a deep voice to make himself more appealing to the ladies.

urbanThat new gym teacher is totally a ziemke, look at him hitting on those freshmen. or (at the gym) guy1- Check out that ziemke doing db curls in the mirror behind the treadmills. guy1- isn't that your little sister runnning over there? guy2- WTF?!

urban"the sex"

urbanMatthew "the sex" Ziemke


Books about Ziemke:

booksBattle for Berlin Earl Ziemke Ballantines Battle Book 6 by Earl F. Ziemke (1968)

booksKatharina Ziemke: the Thicket by Christian, Dr Weikop (Jan 1, 2009)

booksBattle for Berlin Earl Ziemke Ballantines Battle Bk 6 (1970)

booksThe Red Army, 1918-1941: From Vanguard of World Revolution to America's Ally (Strategy and History) annotated... (Jul 6, 2004)

booksStalingrad to Berlin: The German Defeat in the East (Army Historical Series) by Ziemke, Earl F. (1986) Hardcover... (1000)

booksBy Earl Frederick Ziemke The Soviet Juggernaut (World War II) (First Edition) by Earl Frederick Ziemke (Jun 17, 1905)

booksThe Soviet Juggernaut (World War II) First edition by Ziemke, Earl Frederick published by Time-Life Books Hardcover... (Jan 1, 1980)


Wiki information Ziemke:

Earl F. Ziemke
Author, Person

Earl Frederick Ziemke was an American military historian whose work was mainly on World War II and especially the Soviet-German clash in Eastern Europe.

Daryl Ziemke
Film crewmember, Person


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Suzie Ziemke Photography - Artist Ziemke, Earl - Author