Numerology information Za'Vion:

numerologyName Number: 6 Meaning: Home, Family, Love, Balance, Harmony, Help, Warmth, Social justice


Definition funny of Za'Vion:

urbanBangin hot body. Zavion is a loving caring handsome boy who can fall in love with you not just for looks but mostly for personality.He's the most amazing-est boyfriend you could ever have. When he tells you he loves you , he surely means it. When Zavion talks about his future with his girlfriend, that means he really wants it. He is such a perfect person to have in life. He's girlfriend loves him to death and wouldn’t want to lose him. Yet he tends to make his girlfriend jealous a lot by talking to other girls. But he sure is a ladies man. He has a soft spot and will give you advice when ever needed. Zavion sure does have a freaky side to him. He loves to bring the freaky side out when talking to his girlfriend. Zavion loves long relationships, when I say long , I mean LONG. He's an amazing athlete and has girls lined up for him. He's a great friend. His girlfriend is very freaky, A boywho has a great sense of humor. He has the most perfectest relationship ever, everyone wants to be like their relationship and says their relationship is perfect. Let's just say Zavion is a amazing person to have in life. Everyone needs a Zavion in there life even if his name is not Zavion, he's still a Zavion.

urbanGirl 1: Hey do you know Zavion? Girl 2: Yeah he's my boyfriend. Girl 1: Wow you guys are PERFECT , you sure are lucky to have him. Girl 2: Yeah I know he's my Zavion <3

urbanZavion, a loving person who can't stay mad at you forever. He's amazing to be around. The most handsomest guy ever. Once you meet him you'll feel like you knew him forever. Yet Zavion tends to flirt with a lot of girls. But never would he would think about replacing the female he's with. He sure is an amazing person, makes everybody happy with his wonderful personality and bangin, smoking hot body. You can never stay mad at him for a long time.

urbanFriends: WOW Zavion sure is awesome

urbanAn ironically perverted gentleman with strange and very physical perverted cousins. Beware for you may get poked!!

urbanGirl 1: *gets poked in side* *SCREAM* Boy 1: *Laughs his head off!* Girl 2: "Oh god! It's Zavion's cousin!"