Numerology information Wacey:

numerologyName Number: 3 Meaning: Communication, Interaction, Friendship, Joy, Lightness, Humor, Art, Positivity, Optimism


Definition funny of Wacey:

urbanSomeone of curious nature and a descendant of a rare species. Generally posing a kind demeanor, he has been known to help the elderly across busy roadways, donate kindly to local orphanages and hide in children's clothes racks at wal mart. The wacey is usually known to "go flat out" and is of high intensity. He is usually sighted slanging the phrase "bitches ain't shit" repetitively. If you happen to come across a wacey do not panic, they are very responsive to peace offerings. Some of the more popular items you may want to try are Chinese oranges, collector key chains or a woman's exposed breast. do not be an ass and force the peace offerings onto the wacey as he may become aggressive and proceed to beat you, your spouse and there parents with his pimp cane. But beware! the wacey has been known to carry a penis of unhuman proportions, history has shown that (on occasion) it has led to perforation of internal organs leading to sepsis and death. A real mustard looking motherfucker "did you see what that guy was wearing? he looked like a genuine wacey"

urbanman - "why are you in the hospital?" woman - " my rectum is so sore, i slept with a wacey. am i going to die?" man- " ohh its not good, if you make it through alive you will still probably have the gay plague" woman "the gay plague?" man- "aids" walmart shopper "son, stay close, there may be a wacey lurking in those clothes"

urbanA Wacey is no ordinary man. Wacey is fricken awesome and no one can tell him any different. Wacey tends to be over looked sometimes in large crowds, but when you find him and start talking to him, you will come to find that he is very charming, funny and extremely handsome. Wacey is (dare i say it) sought to be the man of the bedroom, if you know what i mean. Oh yes, Wacey is the king of all bedrooms, back seats, movie theater seats, parks, benches, tables, couches, swings, Walmarts, public bathrooms, changing rooms, where ever he may be, he is the king. No man can ever follow in his footsteps. Girls will find out that after they have been with Wacey, no Mike, Joe, Steve or even Erik can ever stand up to what he has done. Girls will always come crawling back to him, but he won't take them back. Wacey is a one and done type of guy. He never gets caught with Sloppy Seconds. Ever. Wacey will not only curl your toes in the sack, but he will also show you all of his tallents on stage. That's right. Wacey is a future actor in the making. Wacey is also great at parties. He is the life of the party, kind of like that guy that always brings fried chicken at just the right time during a party. He never brings the chicken, but he will bring the beef (if you know what i mean). He is one outstanding individual. Everybody needs to know a Wacey at some point in their lives, and if you don't then shame on you.

urbanGirl #1: Oh Wacey, that's an unusual name Wacey: Bitch! did i say you could talk?!?! Girl #1: I'm sorry! i didn't mean to insult you! Wacey: You're god damn right you didn't! Girl #1: It will never happen again, i think you're really hot! Wacey: Alright, Alright, Alright. You gonna learn today! Now shut the fuck up and get on your knees. Girl #1: gets on her fucking knees.


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songsStacey Wacey by Melody Shakers from the Album Keep on Dancing


Wiki information Wacey:

Wacey Rabbit
Professional Ice hockey Player, Athlete, Person, Measured person, Ice hockey player

Wacey Rabbit is a Native Canadian professional ice hockey centre. He currently plays for Lørenskog IK in the Norwegian GET-liga.

Wacey Hamilton
Professional Ice hockey Player, Athlete, Measured person, Person

Wacey Hamilton is a Canadian professional ice hockey player. He is currently an unrestricted free agent.