Books about Utaybah:

booksOral Poetry and Narratives from Central Arabia, vol. 2: The Story of a Desert Knight: The Legend of Slewih al-Atawi... by Clive Holes (Jul 28, 2005)

booksUtaybah: Al-nuzul ila Najd wa-al-istiqrar fiha : diyaruhum-- hijaruhum-- alamuhum (Arabic Edition) by Muhammad ibn Nasir Abu Hamra (2002)

booksHajr Qabilat Utaybah fi ahd al-Malik Abd al-Aziz (Arabic Edition) by Yusuf ibn Jadid al-Sulays Utaybi

booksShuara min Qabilat Utaybah (Arabic Edition) by Talal Hadhdhal Nashshar Utaybi (2001)


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Otaibah is one of the largest Arabian tribes of the Arabian Peninsula. As is the case with many other large tribal confederations in the region, the name Otaibah only appeared within the last few centuries and its members belong to the great Arabian...

Utaybah bin Abu Lahab
Man, Person

Son of Abu Lahab, he married Muhammad's third daughter Umm Kulthum, but divorced her on his father's request.