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urbanBlacker than black, usually resulting in the formation of a white person on the inside, but still has the pigmentation of a very VERY black man. A Trokon is usually smart, unlike most black people, and has very few other black friends, who are in some form a Trokon themselves. A Trokon does not partake in any rap music, eating watermelon, popping cap in the white man's ass, or being kept down by the man. The Trokon often also believes he is white, and makes many MANY racist black jokes against himself. But he gets away easily doing this, as he has the appearance of being an African-American.

urbanBlack Guy #1: "Yo nigga, how bout we blow dis shit, and go eat sum watta melun while we crunk out to da rappas speakin about da man keepin us down." The Trokon: "No thank you my fellow African-American. I do not participate in any such activities. I shall go home and sip some fine wine, while reading some Hemingway while listen to 'my home dog' Beethoven. Then following those events, I shall watch Grey's Anatomy. Good day to you my kind sir."


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books[ [ [ Adam: The Result of Disobedience [ ADAM: THE RESULT OF DISOBEDIENCE ] By Richards, G Trokon ( Author )Nov... by G Trokon Richards (Nov 9, 2011)


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Trokon Myers
Soccer Forward, Football player, Measured person, Person, Athlete

Trokon Myers is a Liberian Soccer Player.

Trokeon Zeon
Soccer Defender, Person, Measured person, Football player, Athlete

Trokeon Zeon is a Liberian Soccer Player.