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urbanThe ancient art or inflicting physical, mental, and/or emotional pain on somebody for information, as punishment, or just sheer sadistic pleasure. Torture is not limited to humans; disturbed sickos will also torture innocent animals. Torture is not limited to history; it's still around.

urbanTorture has been carried out in every way possible; you name it, it's been done: -Rack -Iron Maiden -Dunking -Breaking at the Wheel -Brank -Public Humiliation -Pear of Anguish -Breast Ripper -Flogging -Quartering -Judas Cradle -Pillory/Yoke -Spiked cages -Pendulum -Burning at the Stake -Water Torture -Mutilation -Head Crusher -Tongue Tearer -Gibbet -Garrotte -Interrogation Chair -Spanish Donkey -Spanish crusher -Spanish Boot -Spanish Tickler -Knee-Splitter/Thumbscrew And that's just a few.

urbanA game where you try to come up with the most painful thing you would do to the other person. You trade turns, and whoever can't come back with a response loses.

urbanGuy: Yeah, torture motherfucker...I'll tie you to a bedpost with your asscheeks spread out, put a hanger on a stove for half an hour, take it off and stick it in your ass slow like: tssssssssssssssSSSSSST! Other Guy: I'll lay your nuts on a dresser, just your nuts, and bang them with a spiked bat! BLAOW! Guy: I'll pull your tongue out of your mouth and stab it with a rusty screwdriver! BLAOW! Other Guy: I'll hang you by your dick off of a 12 story building! Guy: I'll sew your asshole closed and keep feeding you... and feeding you... and feeding you... and feeding you... Other Guy: ...you win

urbanThe practice of inflicting mental, physical, and emotional pain on somebody to obtain information, to make an example for people, or just for satisfying some sadistic pleasure. Torture has been around for thousands of years and everything horrible that you can think of has been used as a means of torture. ...Nonetheless, torture is infamous for being counterproductive, since people who are under torture will say anything; if you are tortured mercilessly enough, you will thus tell your torturers whatever that they want to hear in order to escape the torture, even if your information is completely false. Sadly, those who are tortured are usually the wrong people; their only crime was that they were in the wrong place at the wrong time or were mistaken for the suspect.

urbanI told them to truth, but they tortured me yet... They shoved pins under my fingernails... Tied me naked to a tree and smeared me with honey and left me to the mercy of the insects and animals... Nearly crushed my thumbs with thumbscrews... Tried to pull my fingernails out with tongs... Pressed my skull with a head clamp... Dislocated my joints on the rack... Threatened me with hot pokers... Put spiders on my naked body while on the rack... Dragged my mother in and made me rape her... Made me drink diarrhea and piss from the toilet... Force-fed me water... Made me walk on hot coals and broken glass... Fanned chili powder, crushed jalepeños, and habenero flakes into my cell... Waterboarded me... Threatened to tear my tongue out... Rubbed me with rasps... Whipped me with spiked whips... Starved me... Raped me... Crashed cymbals and clanged pots and bells over my head... Unleashed hungry rats into my cell... Made me clean their home, naked and in full view of company... Used pliers on various parts of my body, including my nose, nipples, public hair, and genitals... Tickled me until I felt sick... Beat the soles of my feet with paddles and whips... Buried me to the neck at the beach during low tide... Locked me in the freezer for two hours... And they never believed me when I told them that I knew nothing. Only when I told them that Anthony was involved did they stop, never mind that he was in the next state that night and that I was visiting family that night.

urban1) the act of tieing anyone to a chair and sicking a million rabid mongooses to come and slowly eat there flesh off there bones. 2) being forced to watch every epiosode in english AND in norwegean of teletubies. 3) to beat the person you have tied down sensless with a 10 pound bass (fish) and then set their eyebrows on fire 4) catholic school


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Torture is the act of deliberately inflicting severe physical or psychological pain and possibly injury to a person, usually to one who is physically restrained or otherwise under the torturer's control or custody and unable to defend against what is...

United Nations Convention against Torture

The Convention against Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment is an international human rights treaty, under the review of the United Nations, that aims to prevent torture and cruel, inhuman degrading treatment or...