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additionalLatinized form of the Greek name Telesphoros (see TÉLESPHORE).


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songsFor St. Telesphorus by Monad from the Album This! Is! The! New! European! The! Free! Jazz!


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books136: 136 Deaths, Pope Telesphorus, Lucius Julius Ursus Servianus, Gaius Asinius Rufus, List of State Leaders in... by LLC Books (2010)


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In Greek mythology, Telesphorus was a son of Asclepius. A demi-god of convalescence, who "brought to fulfillment" recuperation from illness or injury. He frequently accompanied his sister, Hygieia. He was a dwarf whose head was always covered with a...

Pope Telesphorus
Religious Leader, Deceased Person, Person

Pope Telesphorus was the Bishop of Rome from c. 126 to his death c. 137, during the reigns of Roman Emperors Hadrian and Antoninus Pius. He was of Greek ancestry and born in Terranova da Sibari, Calabria, Italy. Telesphorus is traditionally reckoned...