Definition funny of Tchello:

urbanExpression of delight/awe in the presence of, or at the sight of, a sexually appealing individual. Accent should be very heavily on the "-o!" part of the word. indeed the "-o" can go on for some time: "T'chell-oooooooo!" Derived from "Hello"

urbanFoxy walks past... Dude A looks at Dude B, indicates Foxy, and says: "T'chell-o!" Alternatively, if Dude A wishes to indicate their delight/awe to Foxy, then the "T'chell-o!" can be directly addressed to them. This may result in a slap in the kisser.


Wiki information Tchello:

Rock Artist, Musical Artist, Person, Musician

Tchello is the former bassist and co-founding member of the Brazilian rock band Detonautas Roque Clube.