Books about Tarkh:

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booksTa'rkh. [a History Of The Mongol Empire In Persia] (Persian Edition) by Abd Ullh ibn Faze Ullh Vassf (Oct 7, 2011)

booksKalimah alá Riyd Bsh: wa-safah min tarkh Mir al-hadth tataamman khilsati aytihi (Arabic Edition) by ca. 1866-1934 Amad Zak (Sep 28, 2010)


Wiki information Tarkh:


Tarkhan is an ancient Central Asian title used by various Indo-European and Altaic peoples, especially in the medieval era, and prominent among the successors of the Mongol Empire.

Location, Place of interment

Tarkhany is an estate in Russia where the Romantic writer Mikhail Lermontov spent his childhood and was buried. The late 18th Century–early 19th Century estate is located in the village of Lermontovo in the Belinsky District of Penza Oblast. Tarkhany...