Definition funny of Sponer:

urbannoun; portmanteau of ‘sports’ and ‘boner’; athletic metaphor meaning: a team or an athlete performs so well that it effects one sexually; applies to both men and women; verb: sponerise

urbanMan, those Seahawks are giving the entire Pacific Northwest a sponer!

urbanspontaneous boner; an unexpected or unwanted erection of the penis

urbanI was sittin' in church, and I got this sponer that wouldn't go down

urbanA sponer is when a dude is wearing a speedo and he has a fucking huge boner It is just completly noticable And very HARD to hide!

urbanPerson 1"LOL did you just see that dude walk past!" Person 2"ya no one could have missed that HUGE sponer"

urbanWhen two people are spooning, and the big spoon gets a boner and therefore pokes the little spoon in the ass/thigh region


Books about Sponer:

booksHertha Sponer: A Woman's Life as a Physicist in the 20th Century, "So You Won't Forget Me" by Marie-Ann Maushart (Nov 19, 2011)

books"Um mich nicht zu vergessen": Hertha Sponer--ein Frauenleben fur die Physik im 20. Jahrhundert (German Edition... by Marie-Ann Maushart (1997)

booksSonatina-School, from the first beginning up to the easier Sonatas of Beethoven, Haydn and Mozart. Critically... by Alfred von Sponer (1910)


Wiki information Sponer:

Hertha Sponer
Physicist, Academic, Person, Award Winner, Influence Node, Deceased Person

Hertha Sponer was a German physicist and chemist who contributed to modern quantum mechanics and molecular physics and was the first woman on the physics faculty of Duke University.

Birge–Sponer method

In molecular spectroscopy, the Birge–Sponer method or Birge–Sponer plot is a way to calculate the dissociation energy of a molecule. By observing transitions between as many vibrational energy levels as possible, for example through electronic or...