Books about Sidao:

booksOn Origin of Near-axis Volcanism and Faulting at Fast Spreading Mid-Ocean Ridge 8.95 Elsevier B. V. 2001 paperback... by Yuri Fialko (2001)

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booksWu guo jian chen Jia Sidao (Mandarin Chinese Edition) by Chongyue Ren (1991)


Wiki information Sidao:

Jia Sidao
Deceased Person, Person

Jia Sidao was a chancellor during the late Song Dynasty of China. He dominated the Song court from 1260 to 1273, after rising to the rank of chancellor due to his sister being a concubine of the Emperor Lizong. Known for his corruption and...

Lu Sidao
Politician, Person, Deceased Person, Author

Lu Sidao as a Sui dynasty poet, also called Zixing 子行. He was from Fanyang Commandery.