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books[The First Culturing of Embryonic Stem Cells] THREE OFFPRINTS, ONE SIGNED: 1) DERIVATION OF PLURIPOTENT STEM CELLS... by John D. (SIGNED) Michael J. Shamblott. Joyce Axelman. Shunping Wang. Elizabeth M. Bugg. John W. Littlefield. Peter J. Donovan. Paul D. Blumenthal. George R. Huggins. Davor Solter. GEARHART (1998)

booksThe Xu Shunping set (hardcover + jacket) (Wenzhou scholars anthology.)(Chinese Edition) by XU SHUN PING (Jan 1, 2000)

booksShunping Xian zhi ([Zhonghua Renmin Gongheguo di fang zhi cong shu]) (Mandarin Chinese Edition) (1999)


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Zhao Yun
Military Person, Deceased Person, Person Or Being In Fiction, Person

Zhao Yun, courtesy name Zilong, was a military general who lived in the late Eastern Han dynasty and early Three Kingdoms period. Originally a subordinate of the northern warlord Gongsun Zan, Zhao Yun later came to serve Liu Bei and had since...

Shunping County
Chinese county, Chinese county-level city, Location, Statistical region, Dated location, Administrative Division

Shunping County is a county under the administration of Baoding prefecture-level city, Hebei, China.