Definition funny of Shonin:

urbanDefinition 1: Word used to describe a shone who performs hoish activities. A girl, or sometimes a guy that is on the prowl searching for members of the opposite sex to fuck. Definition 2: The act of being a shone. One who engages in sexual intercourse with someone who they are not in a relationship with, usually while already in a relationship with somebody else.

urbanexample 1: Kent: dat ho over there already done fucked about 25 niggas tonight, I know i can get her next! Kirby: She got a crazy sex face and you know she lookin for number 26. She's fiendin for that cock. Damn, that ho is shonin' Example 2: Annette: We're through B! and i had sex wit 8 other niggaz while we were dating! Bryant: OMG you were shonin on me the whole time? I can not believe you would do that to me. I loved you. You really are nothin but a shone!


Songs about Shonin:

songsSayonara Shiny Shonin by The Flying Trunk from the Album Songs from the Flying Trunk

songsShe Shonin by Frame of Mind from the Album Electro Violence

songsYusha Sensi Mahoutukai Shonin Souryo Kenja Budouka Asobinin by Uck Sinpeita from the Album Yusha Sensi Mahoutukai Shonin Souryo Kenja Budouka Asobinin


Books about Shonin:

booksWisdom of the East Buddhist Psalms translated from the Japanese of Shinran Shonin by Shinran (May 17, 2012)

booksTraversing the Pure Land Path: A Lifetime of Encounters with Honen Shonin by Jonathan Watts and Yoshiharu Tomatsu (Aug 2005)

booksWritings of Nichiren Shonin: Doctrine 1 by Nichiren Shonin, Kyotsu Hori and Jay Sakashita (Apr 1, 2003)

booksShonin - The Witness (Japanese Edition) by Kazuya Akimoto (Aug 20, 2013)

booksJust As You Are: The Manga Biography of Pure Land Master Honen Shonin by Tetsuro Sayama & Ko Kawamoto and Ko Kawamoto (Apr 30, 2009)

booksWritings of Nichiren Shonin: Doctrine 4, Faith and Practice by Kyotsu Hori and Jay Sakashita (Jan 2007)

booksWritings of Nichiren Shonin: Followers I by Nichiren Shonin, Jay Sakashita and Kyotsu Hori (Feb 28, 2010)


Movies about Shonin:

moviesShinran Shonin: The Light of the World Part1 -