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urbanShizi is based on the term shiz, a nicer way to say shit. It literally means to take a very large, smelly dump.

urbanMan, I really need to take a shizi!

urbanPerhaps the most awesome individual who has ever walked the surface of the planet. He's known for always being the most fun-loving, coolest person EVER.

urbanMan, Shizi is so cool! I wanna be like him.


Books about Shizi:

booksShizi: China's First Syncretist by Paul Fischer (Jul 3, 2012)

booksShizi by Catherine Jie Mei Yu, Xiao-Jie Yang and Sciban Shu-ning (Oct 30, 2003)

booksShizi: China's First Syncretist

booksXin yi Shizi du ben (Gu ji jin zhu xin yi cong shu) (Mandarin Chinese Edition) by Weisong Shui (1997)

booksShizi: China's First Syncretist [ SHIZI: CHINA'S FIRST SYNCRETIST BY Shi, Jiao ( Author ) Jul-03-2012[ SHIZI:... by Jiao Shi (Jul 3, 2012)


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The Shizi is an eclectic Chinese classic written by Shi Jiao 尸佼, and the earliest text from Chinese philosophical school of Zajia 雜家 "Syncretism", which combined ideas from the Hundred Schools of Thought, including Confucianism, Daoism, Mohism, and...

Ou Shizi
Deceased Person, Person

Ou Shizi was a Song Dynasty scholar. A native of Chencun, Shunde in Guangdong province, he was known as "Mr. Dengzhou" and was famous for his learnedness. His native village was renamed Dengzhou Village in commemoration of him. He is the attributed...