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Simbar-Šipak, or perhaps Simbar-Šiḫu, typically inscribed ᵐsim-bar-ᵈši-i-ḪU or si-im-bar-ši-ḪU in cuneiform, where the reading of the last symbol is uncertain, “offspring of Šipak”, ca.1025-1008 BC, founded the 2nd Dynasty of the Sealand, Babylon’s...

Meli-Shipak II
Noble person, Person, Deceased Person

Meli-Šipak II, or alternatively Melišiḫu in contemporary inscriptions, was the 33rd king of the Kassite or 3rd Dynasty of Babylon ca. 1186–1172 BC and he ruled for 15 years. His reign marks the critical synchronization point in the chronology of the...