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urbanVerb: To fall or trip, in an ungraceful and clumsy manner. Often leaves the victim blushing, and embarrassed; sometimes bruised. A "Shea" is someone who is generally clumsy, and unaware of their surroundings. They'll often have bruises, and or scrapes.

urban*someone falls down the stairs* Person 1: Wow...She just totally Shea'd. Person 2: What a Shea!

urban1. Realizing you have unknowingly spent an undesired period of time idle, doing absolutely nothing, resulting in decreased productivity. 2. Having a technology malfunction resulting in work not being completed for a prolonged period of time, negatively effecting operational efficiency.

urbanYou thought you finished completing something, but failed to see that you in fact did not - You've been Shea'd. "You just got Shea'd." "She did not realize that she had in fact forgot to press the save button, and the assignment was left unfinished for days. By the time she realized that she had been Shea'd it was already too late."

urbanWhen you get fired without any reason and the person who fires you is scared to death when they do it.

urbanYou walk into work, get called into a private room and its a pen and paper firing. Then you realize you have been Shea'd. You can also use the term Shea'd, when you get ripped off, lied to, cheated on, etc. It's kinda like you just got had, but it's really you have just been Shea'd!

urbanWhen you got to break a bitch's heart due to social, cultural, or geographical reasons and then she/he starts runnin round tellin everybody lies just to try and get back at you for some shit that wasn't even your fault to begin with.


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Carrie Sheads
Woman, Person

Carrie Sheads was the principal of an all-girls boarding school near Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. In early July 1863, she wanted to take the girls on a field trip to visit the Union military camps. Before she got the chance, everyone at the school awoke...

Scott Sheads
Author, Person