Definition funny of Shamama:

urbanA person of Israeli decent who loves to nosh on food and act like a common African American thug. A Shamama's high level of ghettoness is only exceeded by his game spitting abilities. Shamamas can not control themselves around women; in their constant pursuit of pussy they will tirelessly mack it up with the ladies and have been known to spit game at multiple hoes for hours at a time. A shamamas only downfall is in his ability to turn his in a given direction on demand. Without proper stretching prior to macking a ho a shamama can fail in his quest for the pussy.

urbanMax-"woah look at the shamama spitting game at 8 girls at once" Saul-" o wow what a player" Shamama- "why you gotta hate on a playa tryin to spit at a trick?!"

urbanArabic. Feminine. A name meaning "beautiful fragrance". Shamama "Queen Mother" is also the female incarnation of Buddha. As in the Buddhas of Bamiyan.

urbanShamama is a girl I met. Her name was Shamama.

urbanIt's a nifty way to say mom.

urbanMy shamama said I could spend the night at your house.


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Jack Shamama
Pornographic actor, Person, Film producer

Jack Shamama is an award-winning American author, producer, screenwriter, blogger, and social critic who is best known for his work in the LGBT community and in gay pornography. Born in Brooklyn, New York and raised in Miami, Florida, Shamama...

Michael Stabile
Film writer, Film producer, Film director, Person

Michael Stabile III is an American journalist and documentary filmmaker best known for his work in and about the pornography industry. His work has appeared in Playboy, The Daily Beast, Buzzfeed and Salon.com. In 2004, he and Jack Shamama co-created...