Books about SELinux:

booksSELinux Cookbook by Sven Vermeulen (Sep 23, 2014)

booksSELinux System Administration by Sven Vermeulen (Sep 24, 2013)

booksSELinux by Example: Using Security Enhanced Linux by Frank Mayer, Karl MacMillan and David Caplan (Aug 6, 2006)

booksSelinux: NSA's Open Source Security Enhanced Linux by Bill McCarty (Oct 21, 2004)

booksPolicy Analysis and Remote Attestation: Case Study with SELinux by Wenjuan Xu (Mar 30, 2011)

booksSELinux & AppArmor. Mandatory Access Control für Linux einsetzen und verwalten by Ralf Spenneberg

booksSELinux Policy Administration (0010)


Wiki information SELinux:

Security-Enhanced Linux

Security-Enhanced Linux is a Linux kernel security module that provides the mechanism for supporting access control security policies, including United States Department of Defense–style mandatory access controls. SELinux is a set of kernel...

Hardened Gentoo

Hardened Gentoo is a project of Gentoo Linux that is enhancing the distribution with security addons, making it a Security-focused operating system. Current security enhancements to Gentoo Linux can be: SELinux A system of mandatory access controls....