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urbanA large, powerful black and tan colored Mastiff type dog. Thought to originate from breeding Roman herding dogs and Swiss and German breeds. Named after the town of Rottweil in Germany They have gained a bad reputation as aggressive or dangerous dogs in recent years. They are actually very well tempered, but due to a handful of people training them to attack, and the fact that they are strong enough to do serious damage, many people fear them. Nonetheless, they are still one of the most popular breeds of dog.

urbanDamn! That is one huge rottweiler!

urbanlarge powerful dog: a large powerful dog of a breed that has a black smooth coat with tan markings. Rottweilers are often used as guard dogs. also the best dog a man can have, they are loyal and caring towards their owner.

urban1. Dude, don't get a poodle, get a rottie! 2. My business has the best 24/7 security, we have rottweilers.

urbanThe cutest dog in the world. Most people think that they are vicious, terrifying dogs, but they are really loyal and sweet. But if they are trained, they can do damage because of their powerful thighs. Rottweilers are purebreds.

urbanI own the cutest rottweiler in the world.

urban1. Large dog with black and brown coloring. Rottweilers have a reputation of being aggressive and dangerous. 2. A person who is aggressive and mean for no reason. They hold unnecessary grudges and seek "revenge" on innocent people by being cruel, manipulative, deceitful and dishonest. They think they are the authoritative figure in any and every situation and therefore believe that they are in complete control. This leads them to be arrogant, controlling, and hypocritical. A Rottweiler will not let a situation and/or person go until they feel that they have "won". They are selfish, reckless and wild. The best way to deal with a Rottweiler is to ignore them. Or call him/her fat and ugly.


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Movies about Rottweiler:

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Animal breed, Literature Subject, Organism Classification, Animal

The Rottweiler is a large size breed of domestic dog. The dogs were known as "Rottweil butchers' dogs" because they were used to herd livestock and pull carts laden with butchered meat and other products to market. The Rottweiler was employed in its...

Horror Film, Film, Netflix Title

Rottweiler is a 2004 science fiction horror film directed by Brian Yuzna and starring Paulina Gálvez, Paul Naschy and Ivana Baquero.


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