Definition funny of Puckle:

urbanOne part Pickles, one part Puss.

urbanPickles + Puss = Puckles

urbanpuck-le. -ly -ling -let -led. Like the word fuck it can be used as an adjective, noun, or verb. As an adjective it is used to describe something to an extreme. As a verb it is referred to as any action and any object as a noun. Also as a noun, it can be referred to as the larger version of a pucklet.

urbanThat woman is being a cunt, she's so puckly (adjective). There are so many damn puckles outside, I can barely breathe (noun). What'd you do today? Oh, you know, just puckled around all day and ate pickles(verb). That puckle is much bigger than that pucklet.

urbanwhen something is pertruding outward, or bumpy, puckle

urbanIf you put glue on the back of the paper, it will puckle up.

urbanan undertermined amount of something


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Wiki information Puckle:

Puckle gun

The Puckle gun was a primitive autocannon invented in 1718 by James Puckle a British inventor, lawyer and writer. The Puckle gun mechanism was essentially a flintlock revolver; the design concept behind the Puckle gun turned out to be years ahead of...

James Puckle
Writer, Person, Deceased Person, Inventor, Author

James Puckle was an English inventor, lawyer and writer from London chiefly remembered for his invention of the Defence Gun, better known as the Puckle gun, a multi-shot gun mounted on a stand capable of firing up to nine rounds per minute. The...