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urbanThe last name of my true love. Anyone named Posteraro is da most sexii, loving, hot, sexii, funny, sexii, hot, enjoyable person you'll eva meet and fun to be around. This girl will turn you on like crazy, and you'll love whats on the outside AND the inside. True Love at first BEAUTIFUL sight. When you meet a Posteraro, your life will be changed forever.

urbanJoe: Hey, what's up? Paul: Whoa, i met a Posteraro yesterday. That's the most turned on i've been since the 6th grade. We're goin' out now, and my life is perfect. Joe: DUUUUUUUUUDE! I'm so jealous! I hope to someday meet a Posteraro.


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Leo Posteraro
Award Nominee, Person

Leo Posteraro was a nominee for the 1999 Gene Kelly Award for Best Actor.