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urbanglue-on nipple patches with or without tassles. some peole may consider tape patches over nipples as pasties, but that's debatable.

urbanit would be really funny if there were a law that all fat guys could not wear shirts and had to wear pasties in public.

urbanA kid that is incredibly pale, if you should come along to one you must salute for the PWA (pasty white army) that many of them represent and ALWAYS ALWAYS make sure to pay tribute to the original pasty, Pasty Whites

urbanStupid person: HAI Evan Joe Bob Jension: Im pasty Stupid person: OK

urbanA person with white skin. Not just white, like paper. But whiter! VERY WHITE

urbanJohn: Wow! U look like someone has rubbed sperm all over u! Pasty Dave: No! Never fear! i am just pasty!

urban1. (n) (sing: Pastie) "Pay-stees" Pasties are adhesive coverings applied to conceal the nipples, often at a strip club. They vary in size and are usually not much larger than the performer's areola. Pasties are currently worn by most neo-burlesque performers. Burlesque pasties may feature tassels which hang from their centers, which the performers often twirl while performing. Some women wear pasties to conceal their nipples and keep them from poking out from under a shirt, instead of wearing a bra. 2. (n) (sing: Pasty) "Paa-stees" A pasty (Cornish: Pasti, Hoggan, incorrectly written as pastie) is a type of pie, originally from Cornwall, United Kingdom. It is a baked savoury pastry case traditionally filled with diced meat, sliced potato and onion. Cornish miner migrants helped to spread pasties into the rest of the world in the 19th century. As tin mining in Cornwall began to fail, miners brought their expertise and traditions to new mining regions, such as the Upper Penninsela of Michigan, where a small influx of Finnish immigrants followed the Cornish miners in 1864. These Finns (and many other ethnic groups) adopted the pasty for use in the Copper Country copper mines. About 30 years later, a much larger flood of Finnish immigrants found their countrymen baking pasties, and assumed that it was a Finnish invention. As a result, the pasty has become strongly associated with Finnish culture in this area. 3. (n) (Sing: Pastie) "Pah-stees" A pastie is a large, round patéd pie common to Northern Ireland. When accompanied with chips it is called a Pastie Supper. Recipes vary, but the most common ingredients are minced meat, onion, potato and seasoning formed into a 'round' (just like a burger) which is generally then covered in a batter mix and deep fried. It is often served in a bread roll, locally known as a Pastie Bap.


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British Dish, Food, Dish

A pasty, is a baked pastry, a traditional variety of which is particularly associated with Cornwall, the westernmost county in England. It is made by placing uncooked filling typically of meat and vegetables, on a flat pastry circle and folding it to...

Karelian pasty

Karelian pasties or Karelian pies are traditional pasties from the region of Karelia. Today they are eaten throughout Finland as well as in the neighbouring Estonia. The oldest traditional pasties usually had a rye crust, but the North Karelian and...