Books about Osmun:

booksContemporary Authors: Biography - Osmun, Mark (1952-) (Mar 8, 2005)

booksEnamel. An historic survey to the present day. Text by William Osmun. by New York. Cooper Union Museum for the Arts of Decoration. (1954)

booksThe Prince Regent's Style. Decorative arts in England, 1800-1830. Text by E.P. Leslie, Jr., W. Osmun, E.M. Bloch... by New York. Cooper Union Museum for the Arts of Decoration. (1953)

booksThe Clutch Of Circumstance (1914) by Osmun, Leighton Graves published by Kessinger Publishing, LLC (2008) [Paperback... (Feb 21, 2008)

booksA Book Of The Laws Of Washington Relating To Notaries Public (1911) by Skinner, Joseph Osmun published by Kessinger... (Sep 10, 2010)

booksThe young trapper: A book on the capture of the muskrat, mink, marten, fisher, bear, fox, raccoon, badger, skunk... by C. W Osmun (1866)

books**REPRINT** Skinner, Joseph Osmun, 1875-1933. A handbook for notaries public and commissioners of deeds of New... by Skinner. Joseph Osmun. 1875-1933.***NOTE: THIS IS A PRINT ON DEMAND VERSION FROM THE ORIGINAL BOOK*** (2010)


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Biological Genus, Organism Classification

Osmunda is a genus of primarily temperate-zone ferns of family Osmundaceae. Five to ten species have been listed for this genus. The species have completely dimorphic fronds or pinnae, green photosynthetic sterile fronds, and non-photosynthetic...

Biological Family, Organism Classification

The Osmundaceae is a family of four genera and 15-25 species. It is the only fern family of the order Osmundales an order in the class Polypodiopsida or in some classifications the only order in the class Osmundopsida. This is an ancient and fairly...